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Looking For A Pet Sitter For 2 Cats In Loxahatchee

Full Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 11/24 Loxahatchee, FL
These are two kittens that will be 7 months old during care. They need supplements add to wet food in morning and evening feeding for FHV. Require feeding, clean litter box, refresh water and hard food towers if needed, and play time. Estimate 30 minutes per visit. Additional needs include having a reliable car and a non-smoker. 2 Cats. Services Needed: Sitter.

Looking For A Pet Sitter For 1 Cat In Madison

One Time $8 – 25/hr Starts 10/20 Madison, AL
Olivia is a very sweet, fairly new born kitten. She was recently found dropped off on a friend's doorstep out in the cold. She's estimated roughly 2 to 3 weeks old and measures approximately the size of your hand. She loves to take naps and her preference for doing so is cozied up in your lap. Olivia is the sweetest kitten you'll ever meet. You just may not want to give her back!. Additional needs include a non-smoker, Boarding apartment Ok and Boarding supervision 24 By 7. 1 Cat. Services Needed: Boarding.

Looking For A Pet Sitter For 2 Cats In Lancaster

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 11/24 Lancaster, PA
Need a part-time pet sitter for 2 cats (Prince 5months and Calamity 17years old). Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. I ask that you to help keep litter boxes clean. We're also looking for some help with feeding and administer a medication to one kitty. They have travel feeders, so priority is litter and medication for my elderly kitty, playing with the kitten of the two with the remainder of the hour would be a plus and a sure way to be our regular pet sitter! Non-smoker.

Cat Sitter For The Sweetest Blind Kitty Ever And Her Best Friend

One Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/18 Salt Lake City, UT
Hi! I am going out of town for my cousin's wedding and to visit family October 18th-21st. I have two cats, Mr. Peanut Butter (orange and white) and Erika (black and orange). Erika is disabled, she was born blind and as a kitten had a spinal cord injury. Luckily after the injury she is still independent enough to eat and use the litter box, but she does need medication once a day for the nerve pain. I need someone to come once a day, in the morning before 10 am, to give Erika her medications, feed them both, clean their litter boxes, and if they aren't afraid of you, you can try to play with them.

Kitten Sitter Wanted

Part Time $14 – 19/hr Starts 10/17 Union City, CA
I'm looking for a cat sitter who can check in on my munchkin kitten periodically over two weeks at the end of October. The kitten will be around 10 weeks old, so socializing and play is required beyond the normal cleanup and feeding responsibilities. Watering of house plants also needed while I'm out traveling.

Cat Sitter

Part Time $10 – 33/hr Starts 11/19 Decatur, GA
I have a sweet Tiny kitten and am looking for someone to take care of her in their home while I'm away for a week

Care For Kitty @ Your Home - 2 Weeks

One Time $20 – 35/hr Starts 10/30 Olympia, WA
My husband and I are going on vacation for 2 weeks and need someone to house our kitty while we are gone. She a very sweet and well behaved cat, although she is extremely skittish. She was abandoned as a kitten and is very scared of everything. It is very important that there are no other pets or children at the home. There also cant be parties or loud music because it will severely frighten her. I also can't have her go outside on any circumstances. We have had experiences where she has escaped and dissapear for days with no food or water (she doesn't hunt), so I am very cautious. One or two people living in the house would be ideal. I would keep her at my home while I am gone but it is just not feasible. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cat Sitter

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 11/27 Laramie, WY
Drop in to check on my 4-month-old kitten, play with him, feed/water him, and clean litter box over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sitter Needed For 2 Cats

Part Time $12 – 20/hr Starts 12/07 Cambridge, MA
I am going away on vacation for two weeks in December, and I am looking for someone to take care of my two cats twice a day, 1. 5hrs per visit. Cosmo is a British short hair kitten and Runty is a 14-year-old domestic short hair cat who needs hyperthyroid medication twice a day (I will have the pills ready in pill pockets). Reason I'm asking 1. 5hrs per visit is because the kitten is very energetic and needs a lot of play time, and the two of them have to be separated when no one's home. I make homemade raw diet for my cats and the food will be in small containers in the freezer. I would love to hear from you if you are interested! P. S. I live in an apartment complex and there are visitors parking spots available, so far my friends have never had trouble parking.

Sitter Needed For 1 Kitten In Chapel Hill

One Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 11/27 Chapel Hill, NC
Hi! I am going to be away a few days around Thanksgiving and I need someone to come to my house twice/day (morning and night) to feed my kitten and just play/cuddle with him for a little bit... Doing his litter box every other day or so would be great too! My kitten's name is Cheerio and he could not be sweeter or cuter.