EASY JOB- Managing 2 Boys Doing Distance Learning

Plano, TX

$10 - 20/hr Part time

Starts April 19

Transportation Not Required
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About the job

Plano family needs a part-time "tutor". The job is VERY EASY. You would be responsible for making sure the boys stay on task and get their assignments done. A is in first grade and is very self motivated. R is in 6th grade and typically keeps to himself. All you would have to do is look at what assignments are due that day, then just "manage" their area. They are very self sufficient and don't require much actual tutoring. They occasionally ask questions but that's fairly rare. Hours are flexible, just 2-3 a day M-F (usually 12-2 but again VERY flexible with outside schedules). Pay is $200/week.

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Job details
Subject Areas:  Math,  English,  Science,  Art

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