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North Charleston, SC

$15 - 25/hr Part time

Starts April 12

Transportation Not Required
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I'm looking for a tutor who can help my 15yr old son get the skills he needs to be successful in high school. He is currently struggling in French and Geography. He was until recently failing English. Until this year, he was able to get by with decent grades by simply half listening and guessing at test time. That strategy isn't working out so hot right now. His overall troubles seem to stem from shyness, lack of organization, and a tendency to not admit when he doesn't know something. I think the right tutor for him would be one who can teach him to organize his work, answer questions, and generally point him in the right direction. He currently has a math tutor he meets with twice a week. He's found that to be extremely helpful. My hope would be to find someone who can work with him over the long haul, up to 3x a week

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Subject Areas:  English,  Science,  Foreign Language

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