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Looking For A Math Tutor In Lancaster.

Holtwood, PA

$10 - 25/hr Full time

Starts March 24

Transportation Required
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My daughter is in 7th grade and currently in school and has recently gotten an IEP for inattentive ADD. She's a creative and imaginative girl who daydreams and needs help staying on task. She's struggling with math and needs to pass math in order to move on to 8th grade. We are a high risk, multi-generational household. I'm a stay-at-home Mom and help my own mother care-take for my grandparents who also live with us. My dad's a retired middle school shop/tech teacher. We're very careful about social distancing but within the week will all have been vaccinated. We live on a farm with horses, chickens, rabbits, cats... you must love dogs because we have quite a few and also raise puppies. It's a busy place! Additional needs include having a reliable car and being comfortable with pets. Subject Areas: Math.

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Subject Areas:  Math

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Transportation Required
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