Seeking Senior Care Provider In McLeansville

McLeansville, NC

$13 - 16/hr One-time

Starts June 22

Transportation Not Required
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About who needs care: S has Alzheimer's and wears depends and walks with a walker and encouragement. She can still feed herself with encouragement some days most days are good. She needs help bathing we do that on the toilet . Her husband lives with her but can't physically care for her. He takes care of dinner. Basically the care would be get her up give her a bath put clothes on bring her to the table for breakfast she then sits in the chair beside her husband and they watch TV until lunch is done we then go back to the bathroom and she returns to the chair to take a nap and back to the bathroom before you leave. My mom will come and take care of the evening and bedtime routine. S is mostly incontinent but still urinates and has bowel movements when we go to the bathroom. It's hit or miss with that. Most nothing she says makes any sense she will also need to take her meds with breakfast we crush and add to ice cream each morning. She does take something for anxiety that helps tremendously. We have a wheelchair if you want to take her outside on a beautiful day we have lift equipment on the toilet and her recliner as well as her chair at the table. She walks fine but we have to help her get up she doesn't understand that part anymore. About the care needs: Be understanding and caring. Have patience and don't argue just be firm and redirect . We also have different things to keep her entertained toys babies you name it. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

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