Purcell, OK

$17 - 22/hr Part time

Starts April 22

Transportation Not Required
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About the job

elderly couple (65 & 67). Wife recently retired and needs help getting house organized. Plan to do some traveling once the house is in a state of organization and easily kept clean. Definitely not hoarder-type! But just have closets that need cleaning out, etc. Want to get rid of a lot of stuff. At some point would be great to get help w/ cleaning windows, and carpet cleaning, etc. If works out then would love to continue the service on a weekly to biweekly basis. My sister lives in Texas and just loved Care. com housekeeping services and used them for 2 years. Gave a great reference!

Additional details

Job details
Home Size: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Services Needed:  Bathroom Cleaning,  Kitchen Cleaning,  General Room Cleaning,  Window Washing,  Laundry

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