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Home Needs Help

Clinton Township, MI

$15 - 20/hr Part time

Starts April 26

Transportation Not Required
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About the job

House Reorganization Small two bed one bath home. Family room mostly cluttered at this time Hello At this time I need help getting my house in order. It's not a full hoarding situation but a lot of clutter. We can evaluate together. Due to health problems over the last two years my home has fell under complete disarray. I want to take as much time as needed to get in order and then have bi-weekly visits for maintenance. Because of my health I cannot get it done alone. I was thinking of getting help for maybe two-three hours a day until it's brought up to maintenance level. This may entail some small furniture moving to different areas of the house. Housekeeping Organizing Compassion Strength Drive One cat that goes in and out as he desires.

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Job details
Frequency: Every other week
Services Needed:  General Room Cleaning

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