Looking For A Dependable House Cleaner For Family Living In Somerville

Somerville, AL

$10 - 15/hr Part time

Starts April 15

Transportation Not Required
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About the job

Somerville home needs a every other week cleaner. Ideal match will meet the requirements below. Can you provide your own cleaning equipment vacuum, etc? I will provide the Cleaning Products. Bathroom Cleaning Vacuuming and Mopping. General Kitchen Cleaning. Only Microwave Inside and Out. General Dusting All Rooms. I have No Carpet. I am looking for is a VERY Sweet and DEPENDABLE person that can help with Basic Cleaning. We finally finished this home and moved in December 2019. We have an Indoor Pool and you don't have to worry with cleaning that area. I didn't check the Pets but we do have an American Hairless Terrier names Jewels. She has NO Hair Anywhere she's my Emotional Support Dog I have Seizures and I'm allergic to Pet Dander so that's why she's hairless. All I I need is basic cleaning. Thanks so Much.

Additional details

Job details
Home Size: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Frequency: Every other week
Services Needed:  Bathroom Cleaning,  Kitchen Cleaning,  General Room Cleaning,  Vacuuming and/or mopping,  Dusting

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