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HomePay Sitemap

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HomePay Home Page

Landing Page for Resources for Caregivers

Landing Page for Families not Hiring a Nanny or Senior Caregiver

Paycheck Calculator

Budgeting Calculator

Landing Page for HomePay Partners

HomePay Product & Pricing Page

Child Care Resource Center

Senior Care Resource Center

Senior Care Service Page

Tax Articles for Families

Employee or Independent Contractor for Families

Common Household Employment Mistakes Families Make

Household Employment FAQs for Families

Information About the Schedule H Form

Household Employment Tax Filing Calendar

Tax Advice for Families with Various Part-Time Caregivers

How Families Can Pay Household Employment Taxes Themselves

How Families Can Start Paying their Caregiver Legally

How Families Can Catch Up on their Taxes before April 15

Child Care Tax Breaks for Families

Nanny Taxes Guide for Families

How Families Manage Taxes for an After-School Nanny

How Families Can Get Caught Paying Under the Table

Why Families Shouldn’t Use Form 941 for Household Employment Taxes

What Families Need to Know About Estimated Tax Payments

What Families Should Know About the American Rescue Plan

HomePay Payments and Tax Survey of 1,000 Families

Changes to Tax Breaks in the American Rescue Plan

9 Year-End Tasks for Families

Payroll Articles for Families

Tips for Families that Travel with their Nanny

How Families Correctly Set Up Payroll for their Caregiver

How Families Can Help their Employee with a Retirement Account

How Families Can Correctly Terminate their Caregiver

Payroll and Taxes for Families Hiring Temporary Caregivers

Why Families Can’t Put a Household Employee on Company Payroll

Overview of Wage & Hour Law for Families

How Families Should Handle a Raise or Bonus for Their Caregiver

How a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Works

What Families Should Know About the Child Care Tax Credit

Why Families Need to Pay Their Caregiver Hourly Instead of Salary

How Families Can Enroll in a Dependent Care FSA Mid-Year

Overview of Household Employment Payroll for Families

Separation Notice Requirements by State

Budgeting and Setup Articles for Families

How Much Should Families Pay Their Nanny

Why Families Need to Have a Nanny Contract

Sample Nanny Contract

The Benefits of Families Paying Their Caregiver Legally

The Costs for Families Hiring a Live-In Nanny

Taxes and Budgeting for Families in a Nanny Share

Budgeting and Taxes for Families Hiring a Summer Nanny

Rules for Families Setting Up Learning Pods for Child Care Needs

A Breakdown of How Much Taxes Cost for Families

Why Legal Pay Should be the Default for Families and Caregivers

Articles for Families About Insurance

Types of Insurance Families Need when Hiring a Caregiver

What Families Should Know About Disability Insurance

What Families Should Know About Unemployment Insurance

What Families Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Options for Families to Contribute to Their Caregiver’s Health Insurance

Case Study About Not Having Workers’ Comp

Articles for Senior Care Families

How Families Can Budget for Senior Care

How Long-Term Care Insurance Works

How Legislation Has Impacted the Price of Senior Care for Families

Sample Senior Care Contract

How Families Should Manage Around-the-Clock Shifts for Senior Care

How the HomePay Service Works for Senior Care

Why Privately Hiring a Senior Caregiver is Cheaper than Using an Agency

Tax Breaks for Families Hiring a Senior Caregiver

VA Benefits and LTC Insurance

Employee vs Independent Contractor for Senior Care

Medical Care Expense Deduction

What to Expect When Hiring Live-In Senior Care

Differences in Managing Senior Care vs. Child Care

COVID-19 Articles

COVID-19 FAQs for Families

Landing Page for COVID-19 Resources

How COVID-19 Makes Legal Pay Important for Families

What Families Need to Know About the Families First Act

What Families Should Know About the CARES Act

Lost Wages Assistance program and payroll tax holiday

2020 Tax Return Changes Because of COVID

State-by-State Requirements for Families

Requirements by State Landing Page

Alabama State Page

Alaska State Page

Arizona State Page

Arkansas State Page

California State Page

Colorado State Page

Connecticut State Page

D.C. State Page

Florida State Page

Georgia State Page

Hawaii State Page

Illinois State Page

Indiana State Page

Iowa State Page

Kansas State Page

Kentucky State Page

Louisiana State Page

Maine State Page

Maryland State Page

Massachusetts State Page

Michigan State Page

Minnesota State Page

Mississippi State Page

Missouri State Page

Montana State Page

Nebraska State Page

Nevada State Page

New Hampshire State Page

New Jersey State Page

New Mexico State Page

New York State Page

North Carolina State Page

North Dakota State Page

Ohio State Page

Oklahoma State Page

Oregon State Page

Pennsylvania State Page

Rhode Island State Page

South Carolina State Page

South Dakota State Page

Tennessee State Page

Texas State Page

Utah State Page

Vermont State Page

Virginia State Page

Washington State Page

West Virginia State Page

Wisconsin State Page

Wyoming State Page

Articles About the HomePay Service

Story About HomePay as a Company

FAQs About the Tax Application Packet

FAQs About the HomePay Service

HomePay Contact Us Page

How Much Time it Takes to Manage Household Employment

How to Switch Providers to HomePay

HomePay Tax Collection and Fee Collection Schedule

How HomePay Helps Families Manage the Tax Filing Schedule

Articles for Employees

Why Caregivers Need to be Paid Legally

How Caregivers Can File Taxes Correctly

How Caregivers Should Manage Taxes in a Temporary Job

How Caregivers Can File Taxes Without a W-2

How Employees Can Fill Out a W-4

What Caregivers Need to Know About Payroll and Taxes

Income Tax Withholding Forms

How Taxes Work for Part-Time Caregivers

What Caregivers Should Know About Getting Health Insurance

What Caregivers Can Do if Their Employer Won’t Pay Legally

Why Caregivers Need a W-2 for Taxes, Not a 1099

The Difference Between Gross and Net Wages

What Caregivers Should Know About the American Rescue Plan

What After-School Nannies Should Know About Taxes

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