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Photo for Looking For A Dependable House Cleaner For Family Living In Wixom.

Looking For A Dependable House Cleaner For Family Living In Wixom.

Part Time
We have a very tiny apartment (one bedroom and one bathroom), but we both work full-time. That combined with a newborn baby makes it a bit hard to get the house cleaned. I'm looking for someone to come clean 2 times a week. One day will include: ~dishes ~wipe down counters/stove top ~sweep and mop kitchen ~folding, hanging up and putting away clean clothes(we will wash them) ~wiping down the bathroom (sink, toilet, mirrors) ~sweep and mop bathroom ~sweep off porch/empty cigarette butts into trash from porch ~vacuum the whole house ~clean windows ~taking the trash out ~and just generally tidying up The second day will be ~dishes ~sweep and vacuum whole house ~sweep off porch ~take trash out ~tidy up a bit We are looking for someone responsible, trustworthy and with a background check. We will most likely both be working when you come and trust you will be smart with your time while you are here. We are willing to pay $50 a week. If you have a child you are more than welcomed to bring your child with you and use what you want for entertainment. If you do bring your child with you please remember you will only get paid for the time it would take someone without a kid to get the job done. (About 3 hours total) If it takes you longer because of the baby/kid we do not mind, we will not be home... but the pay will be the same. Thank you so much ! Look forward to hearing from you. . Services Needed: Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, General Room Cleaning, Laundry, Window Washing, Organization (beyond standard tidying).

FAQs for housekeeping jobs in Wixom

How much do housekeeping jobs pay in Wixom, MI?
The average pay rate for a housekeeping job in Wixom, MI on Care.com is $12.25 per hour as of March 2021. This rate may vary depending on the size of the home and if you will be bringing the cleaning supplies.
How can I find housekeeping jobs near me?
Care.com has 0 housekeeping jobs in Wixom, MI. You can search local jobs by distance from Wixom and compare your options by hourly pay rate. You can also choose to sign up to offer your housekeeping services and wait to be contacted by families with job offers.
How can I get a housekeeping job in Wixom, MI?
The best way to stand out to families looking for a housekeeper is to be detailed with your Care.com profile. It's not enough to tell families that you do thorough work as that is expected of anyone they're looking for. Instead, list the special housekeeping skills you have, such as how far are you willing to travel around Wixom to get to work, if you are comfortable with pets being in the house while you clean, or using eco-friendly products.