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Photo for House Cleaner Needed For Heavy Duty Cleaning ASAP! Then General Cleaning Once A Month.

House Cleaner Needed For Heavy Duty Cleaning ASAP! Then General Cleaning Once A Month.

Part Time
I need help with deep cleaning as soon as possible. The initial cleaning will include vacuuming, major mopping (my floors are porcelain tile throughout the house), wiping down walls, doors, baseboards, cabinets. My furniture needs cleaning thoroughly. I will do the polishing and all bric-a-brac. Windows, sills and tracks need thorough cleaning. I also need help with cleaning porch furniture. My two large porches need to be washed down also. All this would be the initial cleaning. Afterwards, cleaning will be much easier including general dusting , cleaning, mopping, bathrooms. I change my own linens, polish my brick-a-brac, etc. My home is one level, two bedrooms, two baths, a great room divided into living, dining, office, kitchen areas. I have a pantry and utility/ washer/ dryer room. There is a porch in front the length of the great room and a much larger porch in back the length of the great room. The house is 1620 square feet. I need an initial major cleaning which I have previously described. After that, I need a basic general cleaning once a month. I need someone who can use a ladder to clean light fixtures out of my reach and change bulbs when needed. I am unable to bend over or climb a ladder. The person needs to be in good health. No I have twin female black labs, very sweet but also excited by people as we are alone most of the time. I am able to put them on the porches to keep them out of the way.

FAQs for housekeeping jobs in Harriman

In 2021, how much do housekeeping jobs pay in Harriman, TN?
The average pay rate for a housekeeping job in Harriman, TN on Care.com is $13.75 per hour as of June 2021. This rate may vary depending on the size of the home and if you will be bringing the cleaning supplies.
How can I find housekeeping jobs near me?
Care.com has 0 housekeeping jobs in Harriman, TN. You can search local jobs by distance from Harriman and compare your options by hourly pay rate. You can also choose to sign up to offer your housekeeping services and wait to be contacted by families with job offers.
How can I get a housekeeping job in Harriman, TN?
The best way to stand out to families looking for a housekeeper is to be detailed with your Care.com profile. It's not enough to tell families that you do thorough work as that is expected of anyone they're looking for. Instead, list the special housekeeping skills you have, such as how far are you willing to travel around Harriman to get to work, if you are comfortable with pets being in the house while you clean, or using eco-friendly products.