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Photo for Housekeeper To Clean, Deep-Clean, & Organize. Help W/ Kiddos, Errands, Maybe Even Dinner.

Housekeeper To Clean, Deep-Clean, & Organize. Help W/ Kiddos, Errands, Maybe Even Dinner.

Full Time
Hello! We are a large family of 6 (soon to be 7 in February!) with a puppy. I am 8 months pregnant at the moment and we're seeking a long-term housekeeper to help out now and in the future. We have a three-story home with laundry on the basement level. Therefore, someone with high energy is a must! The person that would fit us best is someone that can jump into our busy lives and help out wherever needed, whether it be cleaning our morning dishes after we've run the kiddos to school or helping with potty training our new puppy. We have two small children (2 and 3) and they will be at home with us much of the time. The other two are in school. My husband often works from home, so this person needs to be comfortable cleaning quietly around him while he is working and try not to disturb him as his work requires concentration. This person should be comfortable and disciplined enough to work with and around our family while we are present. We need someone detail-oriented. For example, someone that pays attention to tags on clothing when laundering or moving and looking under furniture when cleaning. I need someone that can step in and help me organize closets and drawers. We would also like this person to be comfortable running errands or putting away groceries when necessary. We want someone dependable with a reliable front-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle that can handle the hills around our home; someone who will show up even when bad weather arrives (obviously not unreasonably bad weather, of course). I will be having a baby soon so someone that doesn't mind stepping in and helping with the children with possible meal prep or tending to their needs if that comes up. I would like someone that is organized and can time-manage well enough to gather all laundry and dishes as soon as they enter our home and start the dishwasher and washing machine first thing. Laundry is the most difficult thing for me, especially at this time, going down and up two flights of steps is extremely tiring and will continue to worsen as I progress in my pregnancy. Someone willing to do leaf-blowing and power washing is a huge plus! I know this may seem tedious in the details, but I want the person coming on board with our family to be prepared for what we are asking. Basically, someone to step in and help with housekeeping/deep-cleaning and being a nanny when necessary. We look forward to meeting with anyone that is interested!

FAQs for housekeeping jobs in Godfrey

How much do housekeeping jobs pay in Godfrey, IL?
The average pay rate for a housekeeping job in Godfrey, IL on Care.com is not available per hour as of December 2020. This rate may vary depending on the size of the home and if you will be bringing the cleaning supplies.
How can I find housekeeping jobs near me?
Care.com has 0 housekeeping jobs in Godfrey, IL. You can search local jobs by distance from Godfrey and compare your options by hourly pay rate. You can also choose to sign up to offer your housekeeping services and wait to be contacted by families with job offers.
How can I get a housekeeping job in Godfrey, IL?
The best way to stand out to families looking for a housekeeper is to be detailed with your Care.com profile. It's not enough to tell families that you do thorough work as that is expected of anyone they're looking for. Instead, list the special housekeeping skills you have, such as how far are you willing to travel around Godfrey to get to work, if you are comfortable with pets being in the house while you clean, or using eco-friendly products.