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Sandra S.|Saint Peters, MO

$10-25/hr 10 yrs exp

Child Care Provider

I come from a family of 6 girls, 3 younger than me. I have held upper management positions and typically started in ground level positions by choice. I have 2 daughters, and 3 grandchildren. Grand meaning they are wonderful. I love people, all people, I think we all have things to learn. Most times from children. I know the things I learned, I learned from children. I have a strong belief in structure and routine. Children and pets love me, I really don't know why. All of my favorite movies are cartoons and documentaries. I do have my own transportation, no violations. If you are anything like me, you will want to see how one interacts with their care giver. I would also prefer that. In addition to child care, I enjoy cooking. If I said I like to clean that would be dishonest, however, in my many years on this earth, I have learned that as females, we like to clean other people's homes. Please don't ask why, I don't know, it's just the way of it. I am a firm believer on positive reinforcement , and inner morality to give every child a chance in this world to be confidant in all that they do in the future. In some ways, I am old fashioned, reading paper books, using ones imagination, not a big fan of social media, etc. Thank you in advance for your consideration. I realize that my header says housekeeper, it is a complicated process to modify. Please understand that I clean homes currently occupied, I have little experience in repairs, cleaning an abandoned home, or rental unit needing to be at state specs for a future tenant. A position of this nature requires a team and several days to complete in order to get the job done to my satisfaction. With regards to child care, I am a fun loving individual, and prefer to be employed as part of the family. I am not interested in being a disciplinarian. Time outs age appropriate is used as a last resort. I value being appreciated more than pay. The regulations in child care are rapidly changing, providing minimum hourly wage and unemployment benefits are being lobbied for as you read this. I have never used this site to receive payment and skeptical about giving out bank account and SS numbers (consider how many establishments systems have been hacked). I do ask that payment for my services is received weekly as without this, it would be difficult to provide those special activities I enjoy doing with your child, zoo, science museum, going for lunch, or dinner once in awhile.
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