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Radhika A.|Fairfield, OH

$15-20/hr 1 yr exp

Part Or Full-Time Caregiver

Being the eldest child in my family with two sister and three brothers, my childcare experience started right at home early in my life. When I would be away from them even a couple of days, I would miss them too much. Then I knew myself how much I enjoyed being with them. Now I am the mother of 2-year-old son and I have been having the best experience of raising him from birth to now and it has never been difficult to bring him to this stage. As a mom, and as an elder sister caring brothers and sister at home, I have learned more about children's need at the moment and also their need for further development. Although I have not worked as a professionally employed nanny or care giver, I have the experience of how to teach infants and toddlers, the way to learn good things and distinguish them from bad things. I talk to them and keep repeating until I feel they have learned what I said. Children are "copy cats". They copy your actions, the way you talk, and the words you speak. Got to be careful! I keep differently colored toys for them to play with, alphabets and numbers put up on the walls for them to see and recognize and play some music rhymes to cheer them up. I also encourages some level of outdoor activities which will strengthen child's body. I will be extremely happy to share my experience with many other kids. I am also responsible for supervising children's safety, school work, nutrition, and recreation, as well as meal preparation and housekeeping including laundry, dishes, and cleaning. I am a great cook. Lastly, I hope to hear back from you, Thank you so much!
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