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Mobility Assistance And Companionship Full-time Support Needed For My Mother In Seffner, FL.

Full Time
Seeking care for my mother in her 80s. Services needed: companionship, mobility assistance. Looking for someone with 3+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: support for chronic illness, nursing experience, support for memory care. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my mother: she can be anxious, lethargic, pleasant. She has alzheimers disease. Nights are hard. They're working to get her to sleep, so I hope nights will get better. She can't get up or down alone or walk alone, but she can't REMEMBER that - so she has to be watched and monitored all night,. we're exhausted and hope to hire someone for about 3 nights a week for now. 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. I'm looking for someone who is patient, firm, strong. Mother has COPD and congestive heart failure. She's on oxygen 24/7. We care for her in our home. We have help from hospice a few days a week. She's very sweet but the alzheimers has brought some psychotic behavior, and we often have no idea what she's talking about. She's slow and shaky. Has to have help with transfers to her bedside commode and /wheelchair. Some days she can walk with walker if I walk with her. She follows directions very slowly, and it's hard for her to understand sometimes. She weighs about 130 lb. I'm wanting help with getting her ready for bed and getting her settled, and then someone to be on duty so I'm not on call all night.