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Homeschool teacher jobs in Camby

Full-time Nanny For 6 Month Old Twin Boys.

Full Time
I have 6-month-old twin boys. I'm needing someone to start asap (Monday 5/10/21). They are not mobile yet, nor can they sit unsupported. I'm looking for someone long term; would love for them to be with the same person until preschool. I generally work (from home) 9a-5p Monday-Friday but I do go into the office or have doctors appointments occasionally. I'm available if needed to help, but prefer to be hands off. I'll generally come down stairs for lunch & feed the babies & play with them a bit. We're looking for someone that would actually play with/teach them & not just get them content & sit on their phone the whole time. Hours are kinda flexible & the amount of hours really just depends on your availability and rate. I could honestly use someone all day, like 9a-7 p.m. or 8pm, but know that's not realistic. We can also use help sometimes on the weekends and special occasions too if you're available. If I can't find full-time help, we can do part-time as well, say 8a-1 p.m. or so. We're looking to pay a weekly rate, not by hour. Please message me with your weekly rate & the number of hours that would include. I can pay cash, transfer online payment, or credit card, doesn't matter. You're welcome to anything in our kitchen, the wifi, our community pool, and I'll pay for you if we take the kids somewhere for the day. We do have 2 large dogs and a cat, all super friendly, so an animal lover is a must. We do also have cameras in our home, in the living room, kitchen, and above their sleeping areas, so you must be okay with that. I need someone that's dependable with their own transportation. Experience with multiples or just multiple infants at once is a plus, it is a lot to handle. Looking to do interviews this weekend.