You've now hired a nanny. Let HomePay handle the payroll and taxes

HomePay makes managing nanny payroll and taxes easy


Congratulations on finding your perfect nanny and becoming a household employer! As a member, we want to set you and your caregiver up for success – and that means providing you with all the resources you need to pay your nanny legally and take full advantage of tax breaks.


3 easy steps to get you started

  1. Start by downloading our free Sample Nanny Contract. It contains best practices for structuring your employment relationship.
  2. Next, schedule a free consultation with a HomePay New Employer Specialist. Our experts will answer any questions related to hiring, on-boarding, payroll, taxes or anything else involving the management of your nanny.
  3. Finally, see how much you can save by paying your nanny legally. Use our budgeting calculator to crunch the numbers and see how tax breaks can potentially save you more than $2,000 per year! Your nanny will also gain valuable benefits, such as access to unemployment benefits and establishing credit toward their eventual retirement.


Your responsibilities as a new household employer

The IRS says you need to withhold taxes from your nanny each pay period, as well as pay taxes of your own. Throughout the year, you’ll also need to file state tax returns and make payments to the IRS. These year-round payroll and tax processes take up about 55 hours of your time annually.


What HomePay does to make your life easier

We’re set up to accurately process payroll for your nanny each pay period, keeping track of all the relevant federal and state taxes. When it’s time to file tax returns, we’ll generate them for you and send them to the state and the IRS. During tax season, we’ll send a W-2 to your nanny and file annual forms with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. Along the way, if you ever have a question, just reach out and our award-winning staff will talk you through a solution.


We’ve helped tens of thousands of families like yours over the course of our 27 years in business. Please check out any of the more than 300 Google five-star reviews our clients have left us to get an idea of what being a HomePay client is like.


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