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Sample Senior Care Contract

How payroll works for senior care overnight and 24-hour shifts

The problem with hiring a senior caregiver as an independent contractor

4 tax breaks that reduce in-home senior care expenses

Budgeting for in-home senior care costs

Regulatory Changes Driving Consumer Directed Care for In-Home Senior Care

Long-term care insurance for consumer directed care

Eldercare Considerations

How hiring a senior caregiver on your own can be cheaper than using an agency

The HomePay solution for senior care

Long Term Care Insurance and Veterans' Administration Benefits


For Caregivers

Why caregivers need a W-2 to file taxes - not a 1099

How household employees can file taxes without a W-2

7 steps for filing taxes as a nanny or caregiver

4 reasons why nannies and senior caregivers need to be paid legally

What to do if your employer won't pay taxes

4 things temporary caregivers need to know about taxes

Last-minute tax tips for nannies and senior caregivers

Caregivers: Here's how payroll and taxes work

Tax tips for after-school nannies

How to Fill Out a W-4

Understanding the difference between gross wages and net pay

What every caregiver needs to know about health insurance

Tax Tips for Part-Time Caregivers

3 payroll and tax tips for summer nannies


Resource Center

Employer Budgeting Calculator

Employee Paycheck Calculator

Nanny Taxes: A Complete Guide

What every family needs in a nanny contract

1099 vs. employee: Why the difference matters when you hire a caregiver

How to start paying your caregiver on the books

Why Form 941 Should Not Be Used for Household Employment Taxes

Last-minute household employment tax tips for families

How to professionally terminate a nanny or senior caregiver

The problem with paying a household employee on business payroll

How a Workplace Injury Can Uncover Misclassification of a Caregiver

Tax Rules for a Holiday Bonus

File a Schedule H with your tax return if you hire a household employee

9 Year-End Tasks for Families

Do you need to pay taxes for your part-time caregiver?

The 4 most common ways families get caught paying a caregiver under the table

Why most household employees should be paid hourly instead of a fixed salary

Giving a Pay Raise or Bonus

How to include non-taxable benefits into your caregiver's payroll

Why families need workers' compensation insurance when they hire a caregiver

Unemployment insurance taxes: What families hiring caregivers need to know

How disability benefits work for nannies and in-home caregivers

6 household employment mistakes and how to avoid them

The 3 big benefits of paying your nanny legally

Nanny tax procedures every family should know about

5 payroll tips for when a nanny travels with your family

The household employment wage and hour laws families need to know

Payroll for temp or short-term household employees: What you need to know

Answers to the 8 most common household employment questions asked by families

Five reasons why families should not negotiate caregiver pay on a net basis

The problem with rolling over weekly hours for an in-home caregiver

Do you need a nanny contract?

How to Pay Nanny Taxes Yourself

Tax breaks and credits for families hiring a nanny

How much will nanny taxes cost your family?

How tax breaks make hiring a summer nanny an affordable option for families

How to budget and manage taxes in a nanny share

Take advantage of the Child Care Tax Credit

Tax Tips for After-School Care

A Helpful Tax Tip for Hiring a College Caregiver

Filing household employment taxes: A timeline for what to do when

You can enroll in a Dependent Care Account mid-year when you hire a nanny

How much should you pay your nanny in 2019?

Do you need insurance for your nanny?

3 ways to contribute to your caregiver's health insurance and lower your taxes

What can happen if household employers overlook workers compensation

7 steps for creating a nanny payroll account

How much time does it take to file nanny taxes?


Requirements by State 

Alabama Tax & Labor Law Summary

Alaska Tax and Labor Law Summary

Arizona Tax & Labor Law Summary

Arkansas Tax & Labor Law Summary

California Tax & Labor Law Summary

Colorado Tax & Labor Law Summary

Connecticut Tax & Labor Law Summary

Delaware Tax and Labor Law Summary

Washington D.C. Tax & Labor Summary

Florida Tax & Labor Law Summary

Georgia Tax & Labor Law Summary

Hawaii Tax and Labor Law Summary

Idaho Tax & Labor Law Summary

Illinois Tax & Labor Law Summary

Indiana Tax & Labor Law Summary

Iowa Tax & Labor Law Summary

Kansas Tax & Labor Law Summary

Kentucky Tax & Labor Law Summary

Louisiana Tax & Labor Law Summary

Maine Tax & Labor Law Summary

Maryland Tax & Labor Law Summary

Massachusetts Tax & Labor Law Summary

Michigan Tax & Labor Law Summary

Minnesota Tax & Labor Law Summary

Mississippi Tax and Labor Law Summary

Missouri Tax & Labor Law Summary

Montana Tax and Labor Law Summary

Nebraska Tax & Labor Law Summary

Nevada Tax & Labor Law Summary

New Hampshire Tax & Labor Law Summary

New Jersey Tax & Labor Law Summary

New Mexico Tax & Labor Law Summary

New York Tax & Labor Law Summary

North Carolina Tax & Labor Law Summary

North Dakota Tax and Labor Law Summary

Ohio Tax & Labor Law Summary

Oklahoma Tax & Labor Law Summary

Oregon Tax and Labor Law Summary

Pennsylvania Tax & Labor Law Summary

Rhode Island Tax & Labor Law Summary

South Carolina Tax & Labor Law Summary

South Dakota Tax and Labor Law Summary

Tennessee Tax & Labor Law Summary

Texas Tax & Labor Law Summary

Utah Tax & Labor Law Summary

Vermont Tax and Labor Law Summary

Virginia Tax & Labor Law Summary

Washington Tax & Labor Law Summary

West Virginia Tax and Labor Law Summary

Wisconsin Tax & Labor Law Summary

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