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Save money hiring a senior caregiver privately

The Cost of Privately Employing Senior Caregivers

Learn how hiring a senior caregiver privately can cost less than hiring through an agency. HomePay shows you the costs involved and your potential savings.

How to budget for in home senior care expenses

Budgeting for in-home senior care costs

Before families hire a senior caregiver, they need to figure out what their care budget will be. HomePay explains the 6 most important items to have in it.

HomePay helps you manage senior care taxes and payroll

HomePay for Senior Care

Learn how HomePay can provide a household employment payroll and tax solution for families with senior care needs.

Know when your caregiver should receive a bonus or raise

Giving a Pay Raise or Bonus

Learn how to accurately apply a raise or bonus to a caregiver's payroll from the experts at HomePay.

Some benefits can be included in payroll tax-free for caregivers

Non-Taxable Compensation

The experts at HomePay show how including parking, health insurance, transit service or tuition into payroll can result in tax savings.

Tax & labor laws

Senior caregivers are usually household employees

The Problem With Hiring a Senior Caregiver as an Independent Contractor

Families often confuse whether their senior caregiver is an independent contractor or a household employee. In most cases, the IRS says they're an employee.

Private hire senior care can be less expensive than an agency

Regulatory Changes Driving Consumer Directed Care for In-Home Senior Care

Learn how families can save thousands of dollars each year hiring a senior caregiver privately instead of using a third party agency.

Senior caregivers often work overnight or around-the-clock shifts

Senior Care Overnight and 24 Hour Shifts

The experts at HomePay explain how senior caregivers should be paid if they work overnight shifts or around the clock shifts.

Learn what to do if you just realized you need to pay nanny taxes

Last-minute household employment tax tips for families

If you just realized you haven't been taking care of your household employment taxes correctly, HomePay can walk you through the catch-up process.

Why you can't put your caregiver on business payroll

Paying a Caregiver on Company Payroll

The nanny tax experts at HomePay explain why household employees cannot be paid through a company's payroll department.

Workers' comp protects families with household employees

How a Workplace Injury Can Uncover Misclassification of a Caregiver

A workers' compensation insurance claim is a common way families get caught misclassifying their household employee as an independent contractor.

Insurance & benefits

Workers' compensation protects families with nannies

Why families need workers' compensation insurance when they hire a caregiver

Workers' Compensation is required by law in many states. Let the experts at HomePay explain how it works and the benefits of having a workers' comp policy.

Long-term care insurance can help pay for senior care expenses

Long-term care insurance for consumer directed care

A long-term care insurance policy can help families pay for in-home care. HomePay helps explain what these policies do and how families qualify for benefits.

Paying nanny taxes grants unemployment benefits to your caregiver

Unemployment Insurance and Benefits

Learn about federal and state unemployment taxes and how they help your household employee from the experts at HomePay.

Learn how household employees can receive disability benefits

Disability Benefits for Caregivers

The experts at HomePay explain how disability benefits work for caregivers that are sick or injured away from work.

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