Real story: Family moves with their nanny

Nanny playing with child



"I liked the idea that there's someone out there who I can always reach out to if I'm ever confused about something." 
~ Galen D. - San Diego, CA


The Challenge

Galen has a live-in nanny that is perfect for his family’s needs. The relationship between the nanny and Galen’s family has been so strong that she agreed to move out-of-state with the family when they relocated to California. However, laws for live-in employees are different there than in any other state so Galen was unsure how this would affect how he managed his nanny’s pay – specifically taking into account how overtime works.


Our Solution

A HomePay consultant walked Galen through exactly how live-in employees have to be managed in California. This included going over the rules about daily overtime, sending over documents that cover specific California regulations and even helping with suggestions to alter his existing nanny contract. We also handled closing out Galen’s state tax IDs in Ohio and opening up new ones for him in California.


The Results

Because of the proactive nature of our service, Galen had no interruption whatsoever in his nanny’s payroll or his household employment tax payments. Armed with the information the HomePay consultant provided him, Galen was able to have a productive conversation with his nanny about the changes that needed to take place once they moved to California. Galen says their working relationship was strengthened by this conversation because she understood how much Galen’s family were supporting her needs.


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