Nanny Share Resources

Nanny share and care share resources for families


Nanny shares are an attractive option for families looking to solve their child care needs in this uncertain COVID-19 climate. If you’re exploring a care share option, read through some of these resources we have and know that HomePay can manage all the tax and payroll requirements that come with sharing a nanny.


How to budget and manage taxes in a nanny share

Learn the IRS rules of a nanny share arrangement and why it can be a cost-effective solution for your family.


Tax requirements for setting up a learning pod for fall child care needs

Parents are setting up learning pods for group care due to COVID-19. Taxes can play a part in hiring the nanny in these pods.


How to determine what you should pay your nanny

The average nanny pay rate is $15 per hour nationwide. Learn what the rate is in your area and the factors that go into it.


What items need to be in your nanny contract

Having a nanny contract is essential, so see what items should be in yours and download our free sample to get started. 


FAQs for managing a nanny during COVID-19

Get answers to common questions about paid sick time, unemployment benefits, the CARES Act, Families First Act and other coronavirus-related information.


Contact us at (888) 273-3356 if you have still have questions. We're here to help you and the other family in your nanny share with anything you need!