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Pay the Babysitter Over $1,900 This Year? You Owe It to Her to Put Her On the Books

Think paying taxes on the babysitter is a “one-percenter” problem? Think again, because if we parents don’t pay taxes on our babysitters, it isn’t just our problem. (NYTimes.com Motherlode)

Avoiding nanny tax can come back to cost you more

If you pay $1,900 a year to someone to care for your children, you're a household employer. (USA Today)

Hiring a Summer Nanny is More Affordable Than You Think

The school year is starting to wind down and parents who have their children enrolled in after-school care may be starting their search for their summertime child care solution. If this sounds like you, then I have a suggestion you may not have ever considered. How about a nanny? (Manilla.com)

Last-Minute Nanny Tax Filing Tips

If you're a working mom and you have private child care, you may be procrastinating on filing your taxes because you're not sure how to classify your caregiver. If so, read on. (WorkingMother.com)

Tidying up your childcare taxes before the deadline

If you’re a family in New York with in-home childcare expenses, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of filing the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. (NYParenting.com)

How To Manage Your Taxes As A Household Employer

Care.com's Stephanie Breedlove offers tips on being a good employer during tax season. (WestchesterMagazine.com)

Understanding The Tax Rules For Caregivers

Tax liabilities and tax breaks when someone is paid to care for your parent. (Forbes.com)

Take 'Care' of Your Nanny's Taxes

How to properly file your household employer taxes (Parenting.com)

The Ins and Outs of Paying Your Caregiver

Families that hire a nanny, senior caregiver or other domestic employee have to follow payroll, tax and labor laws similar to most businesses. (SheKnows.com)

10 things nannies won't tell you

As the number of families in which both parents work has grown, so too has many Americans' dependence on nannies. What to know before hiring your own Mary Poppins. (MarketWatch.com)

A New Year's Tax Checklist for Household Employers

Everyone wants to start the new year off on the right foot. Most people do it with a New Year's resolution, but if you're a family with a full-time nanny, housekeeper, frequent babysitter or other household employee, you may or may not know that one of your top priorities should be making sure your taxes are in order. (Yahoo Finance)

Put Your Nanny on the Books

Here's the lowdown on why legal pay pays off for everyone. (WorkingMother.com)

The Best List Of Interview Questions To Ask A Nanny

Hiring a caregiver isn't easy. Here's a list of interview questions to ask a nanny to make sure you hire the best one for your family. (Babble.com)

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