Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for household employers

News and tips for household employers about COVID-19


New regulations from the IRS, Department of Labor, and state and city governments may impact how you manage your nanny or caregiver. To help you feel informed, we’ve compiled several articles explaining the most important topics related to the COVID-19 virus.


Regulations affecting families and their household employees

The Families First Act and what it means for families and caregivers

How the CARES Act provides stimulus payments and unemployment benefits

Podcast: COVID-19 legislation - what families and caregivers need to know

Benefits for families and caregivers due to COVID-19 legislation

Answers to common questions about managing your caregiver during during COVID-19

State and city guidelines for stay-at-home orders

Employee Paid Leave Request Form


General information about COVID-19

What families need to know about the COVID-19 virus and how to protect themselves

How seniors and their caregivers can stay safe from the coronavirus


Additional helpful advice for families

Enrolling in an FSA mid-year when your child care needs change

9 tips for working from home when you have kids

Advice for practicing social distancing in your daily activities and with your kids

How caregivers can feel safe working in your home


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