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About who needs care: I can't walk but 2 or 3 steps with holding onto my cane to my bedside potty chair. My right hip tries to dislocate and both my knees has not much of anything between my bones! I have ASTHMA and can't stand any strong smells -perfume -gas smell-anything fragranced at all can cause me to go into an asthma attack and I may need to go to the Emergency Room for medical treatment! I have an Albuterol Inhaler to keep with me . I have chronic coughing. I need someone to sponge bathe me and keep my hair neat and clean (help me dress). They need to keep my room clean and as little dust as possible for my breathing conditions. I also have "PICKWICKIAN SYMDROME"- which is a condition where your blood cells don't take enough carbon dioxide out of my lungs and doesn't leave enough oxygen in my lungs. It makes me smoother at times when I am trying to sleep . I have the beginning of congestive heart failure and retain fluid sometimes in my lungs and need to take meds to get it off. I also have several other illnesses like type 2 Diabetes/ migraines /arthritis /degenerative joint disease/ 2 bulging disc in my lower back /3 bulging disc in my lower neck by my brain stem/ right shoulder injury/ Meniere's' disease(inner ear causes dizzy spells)/ and maybe a few others not so bad! As long as I take my pain medication I am alright and happy. Need someone to tell me what's going on outside my house some. Like to be friendly and compatible with the girl who comes here . I am not on death's roll call just yet! I speak to my nurse practitioner on my phone where she can see me/ until the pandemic ends of Covid 19. I have stayed in my house since March 2020 to keep from catching the virus/ due to my lungs and heart conditions. I need the person to wear mask and gloves while they are here unless I tell them they can stop using the mask. Services needed include: companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.