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Photo for Medication Prompting And Light Housekeeping Part-time Support Needed For My Mother In Buford, GA.

Medication Prompting And Light Housekeeping Part-time Support Needed For My Mother In Buford, GA.

Part Time
Seeking care for my mother in her 80s. Services needed: meal preparation, medication prompting, transportation, light housekeeping, errands / shopping. Looking for someone with 3+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: support for memory care. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my mother: she can be pleasant, reserved, independent. Just diagnosed with beginning Alzheimers. Lives with Dad who has white matter disease. He is grouchy. Need a person to remind them to take medicine, light housekeeping, meal prep for evening, grocery shopping with parents and Dr visits. Mother does not want to talk about diagnoses. I'm looking for someone who is patient, quiet, fond of pets. My Father will be there and is domineering and grouchy but sometime nice. He will "test" the caretaker. Once trust is gained, he's great. Mom is very pleasant and a people pleaser. She just needs a little help. So I see the person coming in, making sure meds are given, make a quick breakfast, straighten up house, unload dishwasher, get mom and dad in their exercise bike (on floor) for 20 minutes, start dinner (crock pot or mom and put in oven) Then any errands. My mother lives shopping. Mother cannot smell so has no interest in eating so she says no she's not hungry but if presented will eat. They have a blind 16 yr old dog. Housekeeping is light, load and unload dishwasher, straighten bed, vacuum. House is very cluttered and they are working on decluttering. So person may spend time helping them. For example, "let's put these clothes in car for donation, bring me box from garage, etc.". She will say no and you have to push. I live next door and will meet caretaker when shift begins and go over plans for day. Maintaining there independents and dignity is important. They do not want someone "hovering"