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Stephanie I.
Stephanie I.

Au pair — Autriche

24 ans
Langue: allemand, hongrois, anglais

A propos de Stephanie

Hi, I am Steffi. I recently finished my studies as a primary school teacher in Austria. I have 4 years experience in babysitting.
I have experiences with little babies, the kindergarden and pre-school age, primary school age and the teenagers. They all have one thing in common: they all love to have a friend around, who plays and talks with them, who is there to help, when the parents aren´t home. That is my goal with every child. To be their friend and someone they can count on.
My hobbies are sports, DIYs and music. The best part is, that most children love to be outside and run, play and do funny things, do crafting and sind and dance a lot. So I can do all my hobbies with the children as well.
I used to play the piano and the guitar, which needs some refreshing though.
I speak three languages fluently: German, Hungarian and English. I am learning Italian und Spanish, I can understand some things in those languages.
I am a non-smoker and I also have a driving license. I have a First Aid Certificate and a swimming license.
Please contact me if you would like to get to know me better.
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