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Isabella Gonzalez H.
Isabella Gonzalez H.

Au pair — Danemark

20 ans
Langue: espagnol, danois, anglais

A propos de Isabella Gonzalez

My boyfriend (Nicolaj, m, 19) and I (Isabella, f, 20) have been talking about going abroad as au pairs.
I’m 20 and my boyfriend is 19. We would rather stay at the same house, but if that’s not possible we will have to find two different families to stay with:)
I have been working as a nanny before for about 1 year (5yo girl) Moreover I have younger siblings and cousins whom I also looked after.
My boyfriend have no experience working with children. However, he has two younger siblings of which the youngest is quite young. He is very empathetic and loves children (I think it might be because he enjoys playing just as much as the kids around him) and is a natural with children.
We Think you have to know when to be assertive but that it is certainly not necessary to be so all the time. This is because it is important to make the child feel loved and to have an emotional bond with the kid which is far more important for mental health and development.
I could go on and on, but if we/one of us seem interesting you are welcome to write anytime and ask questions or what else might be the case.
También hablo español pero a mi novio no. A mi novio le gusta las idiomas y tiene ganas de aprender.
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