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Fana I.
Fana I. Premium

Au pair — Allemagne

30 ans
Langue: allemand, français, anglais

A propos de Fana

I was born and raised in Germany. Since the young age of 9 I was always very socially and politically engaged. I like to give children the early experience of their right and independence to make the world a better place for them and others! I have worked with UN, E. Parliament as german youth representative and studied with my scholarships in the USA, AUSTRALIA & JAPAN. This is just a little preview me fighting for children rights and spending my Christmas holidays in Sri Lanka to build Oprhan houses,I danced and teached children in dancing,English etc. In my free time I worked with the Red Cross on children’s events, marathon organising as life guard and paramedic etc. I love to cook, especially cause my grandmother was a conditor and my mother a Italien Chef so making everything fresh and from scratch is a must for me so the kids and the family can enjoy the!I love France and their beautiful history and culture and have helped now a friends family for 2 summers to babysit and manage their house and it was a beautiful time taking care of everyone! Ihope here to find a family and children who’s open for my teaching skills, likes to see me as a friend and be appreciative of my support! Don’t hesitate for any questions to reach out!
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