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Nina S.

Garde d'animaux — 1000 Bruxelles

1000 Bruxelles
27 ans
10+ années d'exp
À partir de 8 /heure

A propos de Nina

Hello! My name is Nina, I am a student and an animal lover, and I don't discriminate based on species :) I came to Belgium to study for my advanced masters degree in linguistics. Unfortunately, my landlord strictly prohibits animals (which I hadn't known prior to signing the contract...), so I currently don't have any animal friends living with me. Back home though, my cat, my bird, and my dog are enjoying their life with my family. I have been surrounded with animals my whole life, I have (had) an aquarium, 2 hamsters, 4 birds, a cat and a dog. Apart from that, I have experience dog-walking and pet sitting (references available upon request) and generally i get along really well with a great majority of animals for some reason! Since my dog is an adopted/rescued English bull terrier (with a problematic background, came to our house when he was 2 years old), I've had a chance to realize that I am very able to deal with the more stubborn dogs.


Dispose d'une voiture
chiens/ reptiles / amphibiens/ petits mammifères/ oiseaux/ chats/ animaux exotiques/ poissons

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