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Linda L.
Linda L.

Eläintenhoitaja — Turku 20540

Turku 20540
29 -vuotias
10+ vuoden kokemus
Alkaen 7 /h

Tietoja käyttäjästä Linda

I am an exchange student at the University of Turku and I miss my pets, so I would like to be in touch with some other ones :-) I am a trainer of guide dogs, I work in a shelter, I have my own 3 dogs and I re-educate ,,bad'' dogs, so I hove loads of experience and if you have a problematic dog, it is not a problem, I can deal with it too, I can also help you trai your dog with positive motivation. I live in the student village in a studio, so I can also take care of your pet at my place while yu are away, or take them for walks, feed them, have fun with them etc. :-) I have two main coon cats and I am very fond of them too, so I can also take care of you cats :-) Just let me know what you need, we can talk about your and the pets' needs and the prices too!
Best wishes


koirat, kissat

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