Coding4Kids: Python/Scratch Programming

Weekly on Wednesdays from Thu, Nov 25 to Thu, Feb 10, '22
Thu (12/2) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/9) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/16) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/23) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/30) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (11/25) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/2) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/9) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/16) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/23) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (12/30) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (1/6/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (1/13/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (1/20/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (1/27/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (2/3/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
Thu (2/10/22) 6–7pm PST (60 min)
In business since January, '14
6–18 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather

Want to become a coding genius?

Coding skills are among the most in-demand in today’s job market—get your real-world experience with this introduction to computational thinking. Once you have the basics, go further to see how your coding knowledge applies to machine learning! You’ll start with logic games and Python—the fastest-growing programming language available—then move into object-oriented concepts. As your understanding of coding deepens, explore creating simple neural networks, and prepare for more advanced machine learning courses!

We are offering scratch and python for young kids. We create a strong foundation and help the kids practice making coding easy for them. We hope to create interest in game development, data science by the end of completion of each course. This week-long session will teach basics/advanced depending on the level of every student.

The classes are streamed on Zoom's webinar platform. Participants are able to join the video from their homes and interact with us in real-time, it is a fun and engaging experience.

DAY 1: Lesson 1 - Students will start off right by going on a brief tour of both the language and the environment
DAY 2: Lesson 2 - Students will get up to speed with Python variables, and then learn how to use these variables to get input from the user
Week 3: Lesson 3 - Students will practice with Python’s if the syntax and learn how to write both simple and complex conditions to select which statements should be run.
Week 4: Lesson 4 - Students will learn how to write both while and for loops in Python so that your statements can be repeated over and over until some condition is met
Week 5: Lesson 5 - Students will learn how to write modular programs by creating functions
Week 6: Lesson 6 - Students will get an introduction to how modular programming in Python
Week 7: Lesson 7 - Students will explore Python graphics
Week 8: Lesson 8 - Students will learn the two of Python’s basic data structures: lists and tuples
Week 9: Lesson 9 - Students will learn how to use dictionaries to write useful programs in fewer lines of code that’ll execute in a shorter amount of time
Week 10: Lesson 10 - Students will learn how to read from and write to data files
Week 11: Lesson 11 - Students will learn about Python’s exceptions and learn how to handle them to keep the program up and running, even when something unexpected happens.
Week 12: Lesson 12 - Students will learn how to display text with labels and get user data with text boxes, buttons, radio buttons, and checkboxes

Duration: 12 weeks
Length of Class: 60 minutes

We are looking forward to our goal of becoming a Coding genius!

This series is no longer available for purchase