Little Coders

Mon (8/3) 8–9am (60 min)
Tue (8/4) 8–9am (60 min)
Wed (8/5) 8–9am (60 min)
Thu (8/6) 8–9am (60 min)
Fri (8/7) 8–9am (60 min)
7–8 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
$65 plus 3% service fee
5% sibling discount available
Discounts available when you purchase two or more eligible events from Silicon STEM Academy!

LIVE ONLINE. Designed for "Little Coders" ages 7-8 years, this program introduces the young aspiring coder to 2 amazing coding platforms that promote problem solving skills and attention to detail. We ask that a parent or chaperone is available to help your student login correctly and to help maximize attention spans! We'll keep this class small so we can all have a fun learning experience as we inspire the next generation of coders!

This daily hour-long camp is a great place for little coders to get started and we only ask that the student has general familiarity with the computer keyboard. No actual coding experience is required. We'll be exploring two educational learning programs: Kodable and Lightbot, and by the end of the week, you and your student will be able to continue forward with the programs to keep the learning and fun going! WE RECOMMEND THAT PARENTS BE PRESENT TO ASSIST STUDENTS WITH ZOOM PLATFORM.

Online login procedures will be sent to you a day before the course begins. Please be on the lookout for details!

Tech Requirements for Desktop and Laptop Computers
• PC or MAC computers less than 7 years old should all work fine, but we recommend Windows XP or later, or OSX 10.7 or later, respectively
• Stable Internet connection with at least 1.2Mbps down and 600Kbps upload speeds. You can check your speed here:
• Webcam – Either internal (built-in) or external camera
• Headphones with integrated mic are recommended but not required
• Note: While tablets will work to a certain extent, they are not advised because many students have difficulty seeing multiple screens. If the student must use a tablet, an external keyboard is recommended.

General Student Skills Requirements (Parents may need to assist young students with these items for the first few classes)
• Ability to access an Internet browser and navigate the web
• Ability to log into/operate Zoom
• Ability to navigate between multiple windows during class (i.e. students must be able to toggle between instructor’s screen on Zoom and their own screen)
• Ability to cut & paste using Ctrl X, C and V (windows), or Command X, C and V (mac).

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