Callback Challenge Online II

Weekly on Sundays, Fridays, and Saturdays from Fri, Jun 12 to Sun, Jul 5
Fri (6/12) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sat (6/13) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sun (6/14) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Fri (6/19) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sat (6/20) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sun (6/21) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Fri (6/26) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sat (6/27) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sun (6/28) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Fri (7/3) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sat (7/4) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
Sun (7/5) 1–3pm EDT (2 hrs)
10–21 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
$695 2 spots left!
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The Callback Challenge II is the next level in our comprehensive audition training program, which proposes time away from the screen and more interaction among the students.

In this level of the Callback Challenge II the acting component will focus on voice acting, diction, and will introduce you to dialect training. It will also include an easy –yet detailed– audio and video home-production class that will open a world of opportunities for you.

Production companies hiring right now, are favoring those actors who can deliver high-quality audio files and even video from home.

The singing component of The Callback Challenge Online II will aim to build your song-book and repertoire for musical theater and pop song auditions.

Finally, the dance component will have a twist on physical conditioning for body strength and flexibility.

Taking place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from June 12th to July 5th, this fun and challenging multidisciplinary program will top off with a moderated audition where professional casting directors will provide you with invaluable feedback and view your talent for future opportunities!

Top-notch instructors such as NYU's Chris Dilley, Steps on Broadway's LaMar Baylor (The Lion King), actress and song interpretation coach Anne L. Nathan (Once, Sing Street) director, actress and dialect coach Mary McDonald-Lewis (Twilight, Grimm) will guide you through the program and help you hone the skills you need to succeed!

At the end of this course, you will put into practice everything you've learned throughout the program in a mock audition in front of a professional casting team specialized in musical based TV shows and voice over that will give you invaluable feedback and advice to take home with you. In addition, the Broadway Star Project will even (with your permission) send your audition to casting directors around the country who are currently hiring or searching for their next big star. This final audition has provided life-changing opportunities to many students, some of whom have landed jobs and gotten representation offers on the spot.

Whether you're auditioning for high school teachers or Hollywood directors, they all want to see you, and what you can bring to the table. Learn how to make yourself truly stand out with The Callback Challenge.

*26 hours of training with college teachers and Broadway/Hollywood professionals
*An audition with a casting director and other industry experts
*The right to be a part of our Virtual Community for Young Artists
*Direct access to your profile for agents, managers, and casting directors


Two electronic devices (computer, smartphone, or tablet) with an internet connection: one to participate in our classes and another to play your tracks
The Zoom app, so you can attend our online classes
One or two 16-to-32-bar cuts of musical theater songs in the right key that showcase your skills and personality

*If you are an International participant. CLICK on the link below for registration.

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