Camp Pursuit | World Edition - Nature Adventure (June 29th - July 10th )

Daily from Sun, Jun 28 to Fri, Jul 10
Mon (6/29) 1–12:30am
Tue (6/30) 1–12:30am
Wed (7/1) 1–12:30am
Thu (7/2) 1–12:30am
Fri (7/3) 1–12:30am
Mon (7/6) 1–12:30am
Tue (7/7) 1–12:30am
Wed (7/8) 1–12:30am
Thu (7/9) 1–12:30am
Fri (7/10) 1–12:30am
In business since April, '13
6–15 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
5% sibling discount available

The Nature Adventure is a two-week, online adventure...

You pay $199 for the Nature Adventure with six courses (30 hours worth of activities), or $995 for complete summer access (save $199)--that's over 180 hours of instructor-guided activities and feedback all summer!

The Nature Adventure includes the following six courses
>Aesthetic Astronomy
>Isle of the Lost Bots
>Nature's Favorite Design
>Endangered Art
>Super Cow
>Mysterious Islands of the Pacific

Each course is facilitated by a trained Inspirator who provides daily instruction and feedback on camper's work for two weeks (M-F). All content is recorded and posted, so campers can access over 30 hours of content at their own time and pace.

Every course has easy, medium, difficult, and extension options to meet a wide arrange of learners, 1st-8th grade.

In addition, campers receive a daily message and mind-body challenge (M-F) that focuses on strong habits of the mind through a fun an interactive world-building experience.

We will send the link reservation to your preferred email prior to the start of each camp.

We will send the course invitation email to the preferred student email prior to the start of each camp. Be sure to check the email (and even your spam folder)

PLEASE NOTE, every course sends email notifications by default--for feedback given, instructor postings, responses, daily messages, etc. If you are using a work email as your preferred email, we strongly recommend adjusting your notification preferences after accepting the course invitation.

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