Drawing/Painting + Ceramics (15-17 year old)

Weekly on Fridays from Fri, Feb 7 to Fri, Feb 28
Fri (2/7) 4:00–6:00pm (2 hrs)
Fri (2/14) 4:00–6:00pm (2 hrs)
Fri (2/21) 4:00–6:00pm (2 hrs)
Fri (2/28) 4:00–6:00pm (2 hrs)
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15 to 17 yrs old
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Aspiring artists often over-index in certain areas of their craft, making it difficult to produce well-rounded art featuring people, landscapes, and inanimate objects existing in perfect harmony. In addition to studying human anatomy, students will go deeper into line and air perspective, color mixing, multiple three-dimensional objects, landscapes and stone carving to build a solid foundation for future artistic study. Our academic method of teaching will open the eyes and minds of aspiring artists to see the myriad of colors and tones in everyday objects. With these foundational skills, students will learn techniques to express their creativity.

Classes alternate between Drawing / Painting one week, and Ceramics / Stone Sculpture the next. All skill levels welcome.

Drawing / Painting
Students will dedicate time toward the exploration of human anatomy using plaster molds, sculptures, and live models as reference materials. Further, students will continue mastering colors, light, shadows, and air perspective to create vibrant three dimensional still lifes, portraits, and landscapes. In this class, students will deepen their understanding of light, middle tone, and shadows to flex their creativity and skill in producing art with higher degrees of complexity worthy of a college portfolio.

Hand-Built Ceramics / Ceramics and Stone Sculpture
Students will master hand built ceramic concepts including coiling, pinching and slabbing techniques as well as surface decoration techniques to make functional pieces and decorative three dimensional sculptures. Students will also learn four primary stone carving techniques including carving, sanding, polishing, and mounting by creating sculptures out of alabaster stone. Ceramics projects are finished with non-toxic glazes that are safe to bring home and enjoy every day.

Ceramics materials and firing fees are included in the tuition. Procuring painting and drawing materials are the responsibility of each student, but we are of course happy to advise which ones we think are best.

Art Classes for 15-17 y/o