Whimsical World Camp (Full Day)

Mon (6/29) 9am–3pm
Tue (6/30) 9am–3pm
Wed (7/1) 9am–3pm
Thu (7/2) 9am–3pm
Fri (7/3) 9am–3pm
3–16 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only
10% sibling discount available

Whimsical art is my favorite of all. It's happy and bright and you can't help but get lost in your imagination when creating it. This week we will be teaching our campers about the meaning of whimsical art and create some wonderful pieces each day. As always, we will be working with various mediums and encouraging campers to add their own personalities to their pieces.

Please dress for a mess. Students do have the opportunity to go outside at snack time - so please apply sunscreen before attending camp. We only go out if the weather permits. Please pack a nut free snack, lunch and drink. All lunch should have an ice pack and be labeled clearly with child's name.

$10 8am-9am for Mon 6/29
$10 8am-9am for Tue 6/30
$10 8am-9am for Wed 7/1
$10 8am-9am for Thu 7/2
$10 8am-9am for Fri 7/3
$10 3pm-4pm for Mon 6/29
$10 3pm-4pm for Tue 6/30
$10 3pm-4pm for Wed 7/1
$10 3pm-4pm for Thu 7/2
$10 3pm-4pm for Fri 7/3
$20 3pm-5pm for Mon 6/29
$20 3pm-5pm for Tue 6/30
$20 3pm-5pm for Wed 7/1
$20 3pm-5pm for Thu 7/2
$20 3pm-5pm for Fri 7/3
Full Day Summer Camp