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Here at Little Folkies we nurture the love for music that we all have, and inspire young families to sing and play. We LOVE music, and enjoy discovering and sharing new and old songs along with rhythmic dance and movement, silliness, musical games and fun activities that promotes musical confidence in the little ones as well as the adults. Our highest priority is quality over quantity, and for the music in class to be as fun and inspiring to the parents as to the child.

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Amelia Powell

Anna Schneider

Anna is the newest addition to the Little Folkies teacher roster. Growing up in a musical household, Anna developed a love for music at an early age. Although she has gone through many different phases of musical tast...

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Brynn McNally

Cassandra Lindop

Cassandra "Sandy" Lindop is the newest addition to the Little Folkies teacher roster. She was classically trained as a child, both in voice and piano, and while she still honors her classical background, she enjoys th...

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Clyde Leland

A Berkeley singer-songwriter, Clyde has been singing songs for his own children and grandchildren, and for their schools, for almost 40 years. After leaving his position as a professor of Legal Ethics in 2015, he find...

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Dave Pascoe

Dominique Gomez

Elena Canaris


Irena Eide

Jody Richardson

Jody Richardson is a fiddle player and classical violinist from San Francisco. After studying music and education in the city of Boston, Jody returned to SF in 2009 and hit the scene playing for the first time with Th...

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Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling is a favorite among the little folkies in her classes. She's got a beautiful voice, and is playful, peaceful and energetic. In addition to being a Little Folkies teacher she is also a notorized perfor...

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Laura Weinbach

Miranda Mallard

Miranda is a professional singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and recording artist. She performs frequently and tours with her indie classical duo, Dagmar. Over the past six years, Miranda has taught voice, pian...

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Misisipi Mike

Phoebe Hunt

Sam Smetana


Sandy Lindop

Sarah Glass

Sarah Rose

Sarah Ann Glass

Sarah began playing piano when she was just three years old learning under the Suzuki method developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Musical training mainly by ear at such a young age allowed Sarah to teach h...

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Thomas Gettys

Tom Conneely

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