Jardín de Mariposas School

Jardín de Mariposas is a Spanish immersion preschool with a focus on language and social development through music, dance, art, science and exploration of nature. Our spacious campus has a dedicated art and science lab and vegetable garden to allow the children to build their innate curiosity for learning, connect with nature and develop skills for their future. We create a respectful, comfortable environment where children can develop their social skills and sense of self, naturally. Exposure to languages, cultures and nature allow the children to build their innate curiosity for learning and provide a diverse base on which to build skills for their future. Jardín de Mariposas is an organic environment where children learn to respect and appreciate nature and eat local CSA or JDM produce

In business since '10
Deysi and Marcy

Melissa Graney

Jardín de Mariposas School
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