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Founded by Steven and Kathleen Holm, Yoga Flow SF is known for having dynamic, hot, fast-paced vinyasa flow classes set to great music. We take great pride in hosting some of the most beloved teachers in the city. Additionally, we offer basics classes for those brand new to yoga, or those who'd like a slower pace, seven days a week. Our Ocean location is located in one of San Francisco’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods, Ingleside, with a 2100sf practice room that has state of the art lighting, heating and sound systems. At Yoga Flow Ocean, we offer childcare seven days a week in a space dedicated to making sure your child enjoys the time here as much as you do, with a variety of activities and toys for your child to engage in. You can also take advantage of our well-appointed massage room, outfitted with an LED color lighting system which is DMX programmable to create any color within the color spectrum with the swipe of a finger. Why is this important? Color therapy in and of itself is a healing modality. Here you can take advantage of offerings that include Massage Therapy, Medical Qigong, Acupuncture, and FAR Infrared Radiant Heat.

In business since '13

Lu Clifton

Lu is a Yoga, Kettlebell & Ballet teacher. Kettlebells to make you powerful, yoga to ground and release, dance to free yourself. She is energized by teaching and loves sharing mindful movement with students to ease th...

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Yoga Flow SF

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