Dual Language (Intermediate). Ages 4-6.

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4–6 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather
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This class is for those who've been at a Spanish immersion school for at least 1 full year of 4-8 hours a day of Spanish. Or, if your child has spent extensive time with a Spanish speaking family member, friends, etc. This is a great class for those who 'Understand a lot but do not feel confident speaking". Let's get confident! ; )

This is considered A2+ upper beginner Spanish.

Conversation level will be adjusted depending on the level of each student or the group as a whole. We always meet each child at the level they are at, rephrasing questions based on the level of the child - so questions might be different from child to child, and answers might be different based on Spanish exposure of the child. Rest easy - we meet your child exactly where they are so that the environment is fun and relaxed.

In every TruFluency Kids class, we have 2-3 themes that we touch on. During the discussion of these themes, we will focus on being able to express ourselves in Spanish in regards to this theme. We will always encourage speaking, while also increasing listening comprehension. Activities in class include, but not limited to: learning songs that have a grammar focus (but the kids don't know that, they just sing!), drawing, writing, guessing games with points, computer games that you’ll get access to, word games, song games (singing, dancing, movement activities), or even Get Up And Go game to learn commands and move around for 5 minutes each class. Also, lots of questions to get them speaking Spanish. We use The Bellieu Method for fluency, which upholds speaking, relevant material, interesting topics and letting the student be the focus of the class for ultimate engagement.

Kids will leave knowing a new song with 20+ Spanish high frequency words like because, no one, I can, and more - nature words, animals and ways of traveling. With practice, they can apply these to everyday. Every month we will build fluency, confidence speaking, and their ability to understand the spoken language like a native speaker.


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