The Great Chicken Wrangle

Monday, May 17 from 2–4pm PDT
9 yrs and up
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather

This is a ‘one-shot,’ a short adventure to be played in a single session. A good place to start!

In this adventure, students join forces as a ragtag band of heroes, (or villains,) to help save a farmer’s prize chickens from a group of fearsome bandits. Unfortunately for the players, these are no ordinary chickens. The players face many trials, each of which serves as a chance for cooperation and problem solving, as well as an introduction to D&D as an RPG (role-playing game) system.
From role-play to combat, players get a taste of how D&D works, and how different character classes serve different roles in the party. In order to streamline set-up and give students a chance to test a new class, students choose one of twelve pre-made characters, each of which has a short role-playing guide and summary of their powers.
Over the course of two hours, students encounter many friends and just as many foes, all of whom have a stake in their quest. How the story ends, however, is up to them.
No physical materials are required, just an internet connection, an online dice roller (or physical dice, if that’s more your style,) and a way to access PDFs! If players would like, they have the chance to join a Discord server to discuss D&D with fellow students and hear the first news about one-shot adventures and longer games.
D&D Beyond is a tool I use, and an excellent resource to help students learn about this role-playing system. Much of the reference material on the website is free, and an account is not necessary to take part.

The teacher will provide a link prior to the class starting.

Enrichment, Online, and D&D
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