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That's why they're expanding their Family Care Program to provide eligible employees with a free Premium Membership to help you find child care, pet care, senior caregivers, housekeepers, and more.

The University of Rochester is providing eligible employees with a membership to the website as an employee benefit.  Employees are under no obligation to use the website.  Employees are required by to agree to’s own Terms of Use as a condition of membership, and the University is not responsible for the terms under which provides its services.  Should an employee wish to use the membership, employees are also encouraged to visit’s Safety Center and follow’s hiring recommendations, which, among other information, are available at

The University does not have any relationship with or responsibility for the individuals listed on  By using the website, employees agree that the University has no obligation or responsibility whatsoever in connection with the selection, approval, training, supervision or other oversight of any individual or entity rendering services found on, and does not provide any opinion as to the suitability, safety, experience, history or abilities of any of the providers on  Employees further agree to hold the University harmless against any liabilities, damages, expenses, causes of action, claims, or demands of any nature whatsoever, including any claims of negligence arising, from or related in any manner to the use of

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