How it Works provides an online forum for families and carers to connect with each other, arrange care and share advice.

Families looking to hire a carer can follow these simple steps:
Post a job and receive responses from carers near you.
View carer profiles and contact carers who meet your needs.
Hire more confidently! Check out tips on conducting interviews and references.
Carers looking for a job can follow these simple steps:
Create a carer profile - it's FREE!
Search for jobs by type of care and location.
Get the right job for you! Check out interview tips and more carer advice. is proud to provide information and tools that help its members make informed decisions, but please note that is not a recruitment or other agency and any screening it does of members is limited and should not be relied upon. Members are solely responsible for selecting an appropriate employer or carer for themselves or their family, and employers are solely responsible for obtaining and reviewing any necessary criminal record checks or other identity, verification, background, or reference checks before hiring a carer. Each employer is also responsible for verifying the age of the carer they select, as well as that carer's eligibility to work in New Zealand.