Attention: Babysitter Needed for 3 Children

Bray A98

€153 - €196Once, 12 Hr.

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Hi there

We are looking for a babysitter who would like to help us with 3 children on Saturday 4 May.

We are a group of families who are attending a wedding where children are not invited, and the babysitters (we are hoping to have two to look after the children) will be needed at our hotel (around the corner from the wedding venue) from midday to 8pm, with one of the babysitters staying a little longer until midnight. The children are one toddler, and two babies. Neither of the babies are mobile yet, but the toddler definitely is!

Experience and references are a plus. If you think you'd be a good match, please apply.


Created by Nick.
on 19/04/2019

Job Details

Once, 12 Hr.
Starts: Shortly

About Family

3 Children
Age: Toddler (1-3 years)