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Sarah L.
  • From £9 /hr
  • Bexley
Friendly care giver with a level 2 in counselling.
| I first began caring for my mother back in 2013 when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, not only did she have cancer, she had a condition called COPD (chronic obstruction of the palimary lung disease) which causes severe breathlessness with symptoms worsening as the disease progresses. As she began to relieve chemotherapy she weakened and regularly became Ill with pneumonia causing exhasperation of the COPD, it was a huge struggle for her to do anything for herself which is whyour I gave up my job to become her full time carer for 3 years, until December 2016 when she lost her fight. We bought a wheelchair for her which made her quality of life a lot better, I was then able to take her shopping and for lunch which she enjoyed very much. I also used to take her to and from her hospital appointments which she attended regularly for chemotherapy injections. I would go strait to my mothers home after dropping my son to school, and help her get washed and dressed. I would make her a cup of tea and breakfast, prepare her lunch and dinner for her, do any house work that needed doing, take her to wherever she needed to go or keep her company for a few hours. I would then return in the early evening to make dinner, do anything she wanted me to do for her, get her all ready for bed andetached sometimes (on one of her bad days) I would take her to bed and tuck her in. During my time caring for my mother, I decided to embark on a counselling course. I enjoy working to help others and after being told by different friends I would be great at it, I thought I would give it a go. I am a natural empath with a very caring nature, I always like to help people wherever I can and I would get great job satisfaction from a career that involves making a difference to somebody's life. I was half way through my level 3 when my mum passed away, so I decided to give myself time to grieve and start the p/t evening course again in September. I am also a very well mannered person with strong morals and integrity. I am punctual, physically fit, able and willing to face any challenge with a hands on approach. I truly believe I have the duty to give back to my community and I would be grateful for the opportunity to help in ano way I can.
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The average hourly rate for elderly carers in Bexley is between £9 and £11
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