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Tetiana K.

Pet Care — NW6 Brent

NW6 Brent
21 years old
3 years experience
From £5 /hr

About Tetiana

From birth I lived on my grandfathers farms . I have walked their dogs, fed them, given them water, and played and loved the dogs. I have always had pets in my home and currently have a dog of my own that is very well taken care of. I am hoping to join a professional pet sitting business or a pet care center . I have loved dogs since I was very little and have never had a dog react to me in a negative way. A lot of times people will be shocked at how well I get along with certain dogs that don’t really warm up well to others. I love every minute I’m around pets and enjoyed every time I have had and will continue to have taking care of others’ pets. Also I have 2 doggie named luna( 3 years old) hasky,Rex (5years old)German Shepherd ,2 cats Chanel (4 years old) Goldy (1,5 years old) .


Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals

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