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Gabby B.
Gabby B.

Pet Care — HD8 Kirklees

HD8 Kirklees
33 years old
10+ years experience
From £5 /hr

About Gabby

My love of animals stems from being around them my entire life; mainly owing to my mother being a farmer, vet nurse, cattery owner, animal rescuer, pet fosterer, dog walker/carer and pet sitter! I have been fortunate enough to have owned a huge variety of species such as cats, dogs, horses, lizards, sheep, chinchillas and duprasis, to name a few! Currently, my pet family includes 2 spoilt cats.

I officially began working for my mum in her pet sitting business when I was 15. Although, I had been helping her with the various animals we've kept, since I could walk!
Until recently, I have been volunteering at a wildlife centre, which somewhat helps to quench my thirst for social contact with those who can't talk back, except for perhaps Quaver the New Guinea Singing Dog! I love simply being in the presence of other species, being able to watch and learn their individual personalities, enjoying the awe created by their movements and behaviours.

Although cats are my favourite creatures, I am passionate about all animals. Perhaps this is simply down to my fascination with their uniqueness!


Available on Short Notice
Has Own Transportation
Fish, Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles / Amphibians, Dogs, Horses, Farm Animals, Cats, Exotic Pets

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