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  • Detailed Nanny Profiles
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MEMBERS IN 16 COUNTRIES is the largest & fastest
growing service for finding high-quality carers
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What we do — and who we are — is pretty easy to understand. We help people. We bring people together so they are there for each other. We connect families and individuals with great caregivers to help them with their loved ones.

“We’re making it easier to find better care for your whole family.”
Sheila Marcelo, CEO & Founder

About is the largest service for finding high-quality caregivers for every facet of care: child care, special needs care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. Detailed profiles, free job listings and hiring advice are just a few of the unique services we provide to help families and individuals find and select the best care available.

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Wealth of parenting tools and resources.

- The Loop

Addresses the unique care needs of families.

- Toronto Kids Magazine

It’s easy to be picky with who takes care of your family when you have quality options.

- Member, West Yorkshire

I really like that you can see applicants’ qualifications and what skills they bring to the position.

- Member, Hamilton