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Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service

4714 Ballard Avenue N.W., Seattle, WA

I have owned Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service for a little over 14 years starting in July 1998. The premise of the service was to help out people with their pets while they are traveling or away at work. My company provides dog walking cat sitting, overnight care and also offers medication to animals that are sick and need the extra care.

My company is licensed, bonded and insured and comes highly recommended (16 letters rating my service a straight A), local vets and grooming shops, as well as many repeat customers that have used me over the years.

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service covers the following Seattle neighborhoods:

* Ballard
* Fremont
* Greenlake
* U District
* Wedgewood
* Hawthorne Hills
* Sandpoint
* Capitol Hill
* Downtown
* Queen Anne
* Magnolia

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service offers both long and short term dog walking services for Seattle. We take the time to pamper your pet, offering quality playtime, fresh food and water, and plenty of TLC.

* Feeding
* Newspaper/mail retrieval
* Playtime

Sitting Services
While you're away on a trip or busy at work, Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Services will come to your house, walk your dog, or stay with your cat, and, in addition, provide the following services:

* Making sure your pets always have the proper amount of fresh food and water
* Quality play time for each pet while pet sitting
* Brushing
* Cleaning up "accidents"
* Litterbox cleaning

If you'd like, we can also provide the following services to give you peace of mind while you're away from your home:

* Alternating your house lights
* Newspaper/mail retrieval
* Watering Plants
* Taking out trash and recycling
* Other services - just ask

Overnight Care
We provide overnight pet care for the Seattle area in your home for animals that are not comfortable being alone. The overnight includes visits throughout the day; morning, noon and evening. We do a short visit from 10:00 to 10:20 so the pet is relieved before bed and we stay overnight until 7:00 the following morning.

Pet Health
Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service has over 13 years of experience working with pets with medical issues.


For appointments, special requests and rates, submit and information request or contact Dan MacDonald at:
or call (206) 547-5947
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Seattle 4 Dogs Inc

2613 Boyer Ave East, Seattle, WA

Our group walks is one of our favorite things to do as they super fun for the dogs, me, and my dog-walking crew. Group walks are M-F at parks like Seward Park, Discovery Park, Green Lake, and Alki Beach! Each day takes place at a different park. Each Wednesday we have Puppy Parade, we parade over Capitol Hill & dogs love the paparazzi! Group walks begin 10am, we pick up each dog and bring them home. These walks are 90 mins-2 hours long. We're patient with the dogs, allowing them to stop and smell, play and attempt to capture squirrels. We walk 5 dogs per walker. These walks are a place where your dog will make friends. We build relationships with our dogs and they absolutely love what we do. During Spring-Fall every Tuesday is Paw Hike. The dogs love going hiking and being in nature just as much as we do. Hikes tend to be about 4-7 miles long in the Cascades.

We also offer individual walks that happen locally in your neighborhood. Individual walks are 20-40 mins. Individual walks are great if you have a dog who wouldn't do well in a social environment like our group walks, is old, or is a puppy you would like us to train and possibly add to our pack in the future. Individual walks can be corrective walks where we zero in on any specific or unique needs needs your dog has so they can reach their highest potential.

Our policy with new dogs requires an initial evaluation. The evaluation consists of a meet & greet and walking 4 solo walks to allow us to learn your dog.
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