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Canine Castle

1903 Mojave, Farmington, NM

Dogs are welcome to spend the night or even a few nights at Canine Castle. Cage free boarding is unique in that your dog does not spend the night alone in a cage. Dogs have all day play time in a group environment and only go into separate pens at night to eat and sleep.
We ask that each dog brings their own food while boarding as switching foods can cause stomach upset. We feed your dog their own food on the schedule that they are used to. Canine Castle feeds Purina One Lamb and Rice which is available for $2 if you choose not to bring your own food.
Dogs are provided with a blanket every night but you are welcome to bring their own blanket or bed to help make them feel more comfortable. Please be aware that dogs do not always act as they do at home and they may chew on their beds or blankets. Canine Castle is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
We do not encourage stays for more than two weeks as the length of time can be very stressful to your dog. All dogs react to boarding differently and we encourage regular day care as well as boarding so your dog becomes used to the environment and the counselors. This reduces stress as your dog knows what to expect and knows that you always come back to pick them up!
In the event of an emergency we will always contact you or your emergency contact for instructions. In the event we cannot reach you or your contact we will take the action we feel is appropriate to best care for and help your dog.
Boarding is $18 a night and paw passes cannot be used for boarding.
Weekend pick ups and drop offs are welcome, we just ask that you schedule them in advance. There is a $10 fee for Sunday pick up or for any pick up or drop off after 6 p.m. or before 6:30 a.m. We thank you for choosing Canine Castle to care for your four legged friend while you are away and we pledge to you to provide the best care and love for your dog.
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